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GG123 México

We invest in state of the art technology. We offer a professional quality service, always applying the BIM Methodology, in addition to having tools and equipment that optimize manufacturing times and materials.

Our services:

1.- We offer integral solutions for the development of your Ventilation and Air Conditioning projects.
2.- Our team of specialized engineers supports you in the Design and Development of Projects for the Commercial, Industrial and Construction segments.
3.- Our company is dedicated to provide Electromechanical Solutions in the areas of: Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation. We have three lines of Duct Manufacturing with high technology machinery and professionals with extensive experience in the area.

-Square Duct
-Rectangular Duct

What to expect from us

Competitive Advantages
1.- Cost savings: better calculation of materials and reduction of product waste when manufactured in automated machinery.
2.- Installation sequence: each piece is identified with a code that indicates: area, section and dimension.
3.- Labor reduction: only personnel is required for its installation because the duct is delivered ready to install.
Delivery times: since they are manufactured with automated equipment, manufacturing times are reduced by up to 30%.


We have specialized machinery for the Design, Manufacture and Assembly of Ducts.

Products and Logistics

We offer more than 500 product options in different sizes and designs that meet your requirements 100%.
We take care of assembling and shipping your product in such a way that it is the most convenient and easy to deliver on site.ar tu producto de tal forma que sea la más conveniente y fácil de entregar en sitio.

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