Spiroducts, also known as circular ducts or round-section ducts, are a type of product commonly used in air conditioning systems. They are specifically designed to provide a high level of efficiency in climate control while minimizing energy consumption.


In many cases, spi roducts can offer up to 30% more cooling capacity than traditional air conditioners. Additionally, spiroducts typically produce significantly less noise compared to commonly used equipment, making them ideal for areas where noise levels are a concern.

Spiroducts, or circular ducts, are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the specific needs of any air conditioning system. They are typically made of galvanized sheet metal, ensuring durability and longevity.

At GG123, we are ready to support you in the design, manufacturing, and installation of spiroducts for your climate control projects. Experience enhanced efficiency and comfort with our reliable solutions


Our facility is equipped with High End technology equipment and personnel to provide our customers with the product that best suits your needs.

Spiral ducts brings out a more up-to-date look to the area were installed in addition to many other benefits including higher efficiency than other ducts, quiet and leak resistant all added to a more cost effective product.

 ¡We can manufacture the Spiral duct you need!

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20 to 26 Gauge Sheet

04 to 50 inches

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Lower cost

Save BIG when choosing between rectangular and spiral ducts.

Many factors weigh in when it comes to cost calculation of a product.  Transporting products, keeping them in a clean safe environment, labor associated to transport and installation are some of many aspects that come to play in the decision making process. 

Spiral ducts have several advantages when it comes to cost, its rigidity and the strength of the materials when folded into a spiral, gives this additional support that makes the product sturdier yet light and easier to install.

Higher efficiency

The constant even flow of air in a spiral duct has many advantages over other types of ducts. Due to its continued seem all along the complete duct, it is unnecessary to use flange type of unions to join ducts together.  This minimizes the leakage, loss of pressure and air flow which at the end translates into energy loss and lower efficiency.

Less noise

Because of the nature of Spiral ducts, the air flow in its rounded interior has less friction than with the cuts and turns with sharp angles found in rectangular ducts. Air moves smoother and with minimal interruption of flow preventing outflow and hissing noise during the operation of the system

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