Reduced Duct Elbow

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Reduced Duct Elbow

What is a Reduced Elbow Used For?


A reduced elbow for ducts is a component used in ventilation systems and air ducts to change the direction of airflow when a reduction in duct diameter is required.


It is also known as a "reducing elbow" or "reducer elbow."


Shape of the Reduced Elbow


This type of elbow has a curved shape that allows for redirecting the airflow at a specific angle while reducing the duct diameter in the process.


Typically, reduced elbows have an inlet section with a larger diameter that gradually reduces towards an outlet section with a smaller diameter.


When to Use the Reducer Elbow


The reduced elbow is used when it is necessary to adapt ducts of different sizes, allowing for a smooth and efficient connection between them.


For example, if you need to connect an 8-inch duct to a 6-inch duct, you can use a reduced elbow that has an 8-inch inlet and a 6-inch outlet.


These reduced elbows are available in different bending angles, such as 45 degrees or 90 degrees, and are made with fire-resistant and durable materials, such as galvanized steel or aluminum, to ensure their efficient and safe operation in the duct system.

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